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612     Environment and Future Institute 2013-12-26
Category NGOs Hits 1961
Contents 1. Overview Most of the problems related to climate change now lead to government policies due to changes in social recognition on climate change. The future of Korea will be decided depending on which policy the government is willing to implement resolutely. Our monthly “Climate Change” opens a new chapter for environmental education ..
611     Korean Educational Association for Environmental Preservation 2013-12-26
Category NGOs Hits 1984
Contents 1. Overview Fossil fuels that sustain today's material civilization are expected to be exhausted within the next 100 years. The direction of future environmental movements should focus on resource saving including energy and resource recovery from wastes in order to protect the environment and revive the economy at the same time. Since its..
610     GJGREEN 21 2013-12-26
Category NGOs Hits 2094
Contents 1. Overview GJGREEN 21 strives to apply environmental programs to Gyeongju City which can improve the quality of living of local citizens through comprehensive environment improvement encompassing natural, living and social environments in order to launch a public participation movement for environmentally healthy and sustainable devel..
609     Centre for Energy Alternative 2013-12-26
Category NGOs Hits 2012
Contents 1. Overview The Centre for Energy Alternative, a grassroots civic group, is a group of people who believe that all the energy needed in Korea can be obtained from renewable energy. Fossil fuels that are being exhausted cause oil crisis and energy wars and bring about ecological crisis called climate change. Nuclear power generation resul..
608     Institute for Climate Change Action 2013-12-26
Category NGOs Hits 2116
Contents 1. Overview Climate change including heat waves, cold waves, record-breaking natural disasters, a decrease in glaciers and a rise of sea level has come to be a reality before us today rather than disasters in the distant future. Various small acts ranging from individual practices including developing the habit of saving and recycling, usi..

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