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24     National Institute of Environmental Research 2014-12-31
Category Governments Hits 1877
Contents 1. Overview Aims to create healthy environment for people to live in Support implementation of environmental policy to support welfare Study to resolve national environmental issues and research to create sustainable future 2. Organization Environmental Studies Announcement Information Services Korea Research Portal 3. F..
23     National Air Pollutants Emission 2014-12-31
Category Governments Hits 2092
Contents 1. Overview Air pollutants are largely divided into gaseous and particulate substances. Gaseous matters include carbon monoxide and hydrocarbon and particulate matters include dust and soot. National Air Pollution Emission provides data on emission level of air pollutants and VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) 2. Organizations Introduc..
22     I Love Water 2014-11-26
Category Governments Hits 1950
Contents 1. Overview Introduces domestic/ nondomestic water status, government measures, ways to practice love toward water Shares basic information about water among group members Provides opportunity to practice water saving 2. Brief History 2002 : Overview of “I Love Water” website 2003 : Reorganization of the website 3. Field of Acti..
21     Cyber Environmental Policy Education Institute 2013-10-14
Category Governments Hits 1752
Contents 1. Overview - Since its establishment in 1993, Korea Environment Institute, or KEI has made diversified efforts to carry out environmental studies for the purpose of advancing national polices and conduct environmental impact assessment in a fair and objective way. A global task aimed at realizing sustainable development that had remaine..
20     Gangwon Institute of Health Environment 2013-09-30
Category Governments Hits 1742
Contents 1. Overview - Gangweon Institute of Health Environment is the only research center in Gangwon Province where tests and researches are conducted to improve health care and preserve clean environment in Gangwon Province so that 1.6 million people residing in the province can lead a happy life in healthy and pleasant environment while real..

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