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300     Greenhouse Gas General Information Center 2014-12-31
Category Public Organizations Hits 1924
Contents 1. Overview Supports Korea to reach its sector specific greenhouse gas reduction targets Operates a world-class comprehensive greenhouse gas management information system Act as greenhouse gas inventory and international backbone for research on greenhouse gas emission 2. Organization News Policy resources Business information..
299     Airkorea 2014-12-31
Category Public Organizations Hits 2203
Contents 1. Overview Korea Environment Corporation operates a public website about nationwide real-time air quality status called “Airkorea” Airkorea set up 311 monitoring networks at 97 regions in Korea to monitor change in concentration of five different air polluting particles 2. Organizations Air pollution statistics Course on air pol..
298     Climate Change Advertisement Portal 2014-12-31
Category Public Organizations Hits 2226
Contents 1. Overview  Provide information about climate change, global warming, reasons for climate change  Provide information about how the international communities, governments, businesses and individuals can properly respond to climate change 2. Organization of the website  Introduction to climate change  Introduct..
297     KENCIS 2014-12-31
Category Public Organizations Hits 1984
Contents 1. Overview Operate Computer system to monitor data on vehicles’ GHG emission and noise level Assist applicants to fill out the application form more conveniently by providing accurate information about certifying process Able to review scientific certification documents efficiently 2. Organization Certification Section Announ..
296     Green Environment Centers Association 2014-12-24
Category Public Organizations Hits 2083
Contents 1. Overview Aims to discuss about regional centers’ common interest and promote the exchange of information Aims to solve environmental problems by publicizing environmental technologies and policies that are developed by regional environmental centers 2. Organizations Operation supporting department Research planning and managin..

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