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148     Green Earth 2014-12-04
Category NGOs Hits 1964
Contents 1. Overview Aims to contribute to the sustainability by preserving the natural environment and developing activities to prevent global warming and desertification Aims to provide solution for environmental crisis in Mongolia Bayan region which is currently going through desertification 2. Organization Advisory committee Chairman..
147     ENERZINE 2014-12-04
Category NGOs Hits 2185
Contents 1. Overview This is the website that is operated by Energy Politics Center and Energy and Climate Policy Institute ENERZINE is a shared information space that collects and shares information about climate and clean energy 2. Organization Energy Politics Center Energy and Climate Policy Institute 3. Field of Activity ENERZ..
146     Korea Institute for Sustainable Society 2013-12-27
Category NGOs Hits 2290
Contents 1. Overview Korea Institute for Sustainable Society strives to perform a role of a social think tank which overcomes a unilateral principle that economic development comes first and takes the initiative in leading a transition to sustainable development which brings human beings and nature together and an ecological circulation society. ..
145     Conference of Green Environment 2013-12-27
Category NGOs Hits 2179
Contents 1. Overview CGE stands for Conference of Green Environment. CGE, which was established in December, 2012 is a non-profit foundation that conducts specialized environmental education programs, investigations and research by establishing a network with environment experts. CGE was founded with the purpose of returning expertise and exper..
144     Environment & Civilization Corporation 2013-12-27
Category NGOs Hits 2163
Contents 1. Overview Environment & Civilization Corporation strives to conduct interdisciplinary policy research and academic research on environment and civilization problems including climate, ecology, economy, society, culture, history and scientific technology through solidarity with various social organizations including academic circles, ..

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