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16     Maekyung Safety and Environment Institute 2011-06-08
Category NewsPaper & Magazines Hits 1538
Contents 1. Overview - Manage S.E.L Club (Safety & Environment Leaders Club), which is the club for domestic and international companies. Hold Safety Management Awards and National Environment-management Awards. Pursue safe and environmental atmosphere in national companies by giving a certification for Safe health care management, promoting..
15     Ecomedia 2008-04-09
Category NewsPaper & Magazines Hits 3577
Contents 1. Overview - Ecomedia is a water protector that leads to protect the environment for handing over the heritage to our descendants. - It has grown into the best media on water and environment in the 21st century. 2. Brief history Mar. 1987. Registered at the Bureau of Public Information. Oct. 1995. Held the seminar of Korea-Japan envir..
14     The Ecomedia 2007-02-05
Category NewsPaper & Magazines Hits 3102
Contents 1. Overview The ecomedia, a technical journal in the environmental field, was published with the object of providing impartial construction of environmental law through acquiring expert knowledge, building up database of the related laws and regulations and close investigation on the global trend. 2. Brief history 1987 The publication o..
13     The partner for life 2007-02-05
Category NewsPaper & Magazines Hits 2765
Contents 1. Overview Monthly magazine, The partner for life, was published with the object of being the mouthpiece of the general public for disadvantages arised by environmental destruction and environmental campaign conducted by environmental organization such as 'Korean Federation for environmental movement' 2. Brief history July 1993 The f..
12     The Environet 2007-02-05
Category NewsPaper & Magazines Hits 2682
Contents 1. Overview 'The environet' is designed to collect, with an objective view, new environmental information around the world and communicate the purport to the nation and companies. 2. Organization - The editorial team - The planning team - The general affairs division 3. Field of Activity - Theme directory - Guide of environmenta..

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