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15     American Water Works Association (AWWA) 2007-04-09
Category Institutes Hits 975
Contents Introduction The American Water Works Association (AWWA) is an international nonprofit scientific and educational society dedicated to the improvement of water quality and supply. AWWA is defined by six core competencies, through which we communicate and interact with all of our audiences. More information about each competency is avai..
14     APEC Climate Center (APCC) 2007-03-20
Category Environmental Organization Hits 1008
Contents The APEC Climate Center (APCC) aims at realizing the APEC vision of regional prosperity through the enhancement of economic opportunities, the reduction of economic loss, and the protection of life and property by responding effectively to natural disasters and mitigating economic losses in the case of extreme climate events. The APCC w..
13     Australia's EnviroNET 2002-12-03
Category Environmental Agencies Hits 1063
Contents The development of Australia's EnviroNET is an initiative of the Federal Department of Environment and Heritage's Environment Industries Focus Unit. Australia's rapidly growing environment business sector is delivering high quality products and services to support sustainable development for today's environmental challenges. Austral..
12     Environmental RouteNet 2002-12-03
Category Environmental Agencies Hits 1047
Contents Environmental RouteNet provides a single gateway to the world's foremost databases and information sources available via the Internet. The service includes searchable links to hundreds of carefully-screened environmentally-related resources, selected and indexed by the editors at Cambridge Scientific Abstracts. In addition, the site pro..
11     World Wildlife Fund 2002-12-03
Category Environmental Organization Hits 885
Contents Known worldwide by its panda logo, World Wildlife Fund (WWF) is dedicated to protecting the world's wildlife and wildlands. The largest privately supported international conservation organization in the world, WWF has more than 1 million members in the U.S. alone. Since its inception in 1961, WWF has invested in over 13,100 projects in 15..

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